If you’ve stumbled across our blog; you’re about to experience a whole new side of travel, all from the comforts of your computer screen.

At the end of September 2015 my partner Dilly and I decided to change our entire lives in the spirit of adventure, travel and the excitement of the unknown.

Dilly was born in Europe and had moved to Canada about 15 years ago. I, a born and raised Canadian, had never met anyone like her. Before we knew it…our adventure had begun.
Dilly and I both share an immense passion for travel, photography, food and music. Dilly is an incredible chef who garners her knowledge of cooking from a life spent seeing the world. She has a hunger for learning new traditional dishes from everywhere she visits. I am a photographer who is always in pursuit of that perfect shot. Being a natural light photographer was an easy choice for me as I love to capture the true feel of what we’re seeing.


If you want to come along for the ride; follow our blog to see where we end up next.